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Experienced Houston Attorney Practices Federal Court Litigation

Skillful management of federal criminal and civil cases throughout Texas

Being arrested is bad enough, but facing federal criminal charges puts you in even greater jeopardy. Federal law enforcement, whether it’s the FBI, the U.S. Marshals, or the enforcement arm of a federal agency, has robust resources. Prosecuting attorneys from the Department of Justice are highly trained and motivated, and penalties for federal crimes are generally more severe than those for similar offenses on the state level. Given these considerations, it’s vitally important that you retain a proven defense attorney with extensive experience in federal court.  With Charles A. Banker, III, you get excellent representation from a skilled and dedicated lawyer who works tirelessly to produce favorable results.

Federal criminal defense attorney protects your rights

There are four basic reasons why an offense would come under federal rather than state jurisdiction:

  • Offenses committed on federal property or against a federal officer in performance of duties
  • Offenses where criminal conduct crosses state lines
  • Offenses where the offender crosses state lines
  • Violations of a federal statute or federal agency regulation

Common federal offenses that I manage for my clients include:

  • Bank fraud
  • Bank robbery
  • Human trafficking
  • Kidnapping across state lines
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Possession, manufacture, and distribution of controlled substances
  • RICO violations (operating a continuing criminal enterprise)
  • Money laundering
  • Transporting illegal aliens
  • White collar crimes, such as securities fraud, tax fraud, and Medicare and Medicaid fraud

The first duty of a criminal defense attorney is to protect your rights, which I begin to do immediately after you call. I then begin my investigation, challenging point by point the case against you.

With federal charges, it’s often possible to know you are the target of an investigation long before you are arrested. If you contact me then, I can begin working to resolve the problem before prosecutors have the evidence they need to indict. In some cases, this allows me to reach a settlement with the government that avoids criminal charges altogether.

Reliable assistance with federal habeas corpus motions

The Latin phrase habeas corpus translates literally to “you may have the body” and refers to a legal motion requesting the court to inquire whether a person in custody is being held illegally. The need for a writ of habeas corpus often comes up when:

  • Bail has been denied.
  • Authorities have failed to “charge or release” the accused.
  • Extradition of the accused is at issue.
  • The accused has a defense of double jeopardy.
  • The accused is held under suspicion of terrorism.

Habeas corpus is an important safeguard against arbitrary and authoritarian exercises of state power that helps accused persons receive the due process they deserve.

Capable representation for a range of federal civil law claims

If you have grounds for a civil action, it’s important to know whether your case belongs in federal court. Many contract or tort cases give the plaintiff an option of filing in federal or state court, and there are times when a defendant in a state court lawsuit files a motion to transfer the case to federal court.

If your action belongs in federal court or is removed to federal court, different procedural rules apply. An attorney who is very good in state court but has no experience in federal court can easily make rookie mistakes that negatively affect his client’s case. Because I have extensive experience in federal civil and criminal court, I can handle the move from state to federal court without any problem. In fact, I make myself available to assist civil attorneys who lack the experience to navigate the federal court system with confidence and want to ensure their clients get the quality representation they deserve.

Contact an accomplished Texas attorney to manage your federal court litigation.

When your criminal or civil case is going to federal court, be sure you have an attorney who understands the federal system. Charles A. Banker, III has extensive experience with federal criminal defense and federal civil litigation. Call me today at 713-227-4100 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation. I have offices in Houston and McAllen.